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Who gives an enchelada

by Jorge James Martin Lacoste in Miscellaneous

I have been painting for about four years now. Invariably I am either asked where did I learn or told that I should take some art classes. Now let me be clear about this , for some unknown reason the stuff I paint seems to sell.

The simple fact is I don’t know how to paint. I have never studied art nor prior to about four years ago out a brush to canvas. Don’t ask me where the paintings come from, or how I do it. I have no idea.

That being said let me get back to the reason for this writing. Style. Excuse me but I find myself getting a bit annoyed. Who gives an enchilada if someone in the “arts” likes my paintings. Your paintings are like that other artist you know that one.

My paintings and yours are a snap shot into your inner life. If I get out of the way that snap shot really shines. If I dwell too much upon me the snapshot is somewhat diminished.

You already have a style. There is one thing you do better than anyone in the universe. No one can be better at being you than you. Whatever you may creatively address will posses that style which seems to constantly ellude everyone. You create because you have to. You have no choice in the matter.

When I was a bit younger I played a lot of basketball. I still can recall those times when everything worked. Those times when the dance of basketball was a reaction. The joyous unanticipated reaction in the moment.

Painting is like that. Don’t worry about style. I am going to steal a saying from a great teacher. Painting cant be taught it can only be caught. Like a sickness.

Well that was what I wanted to share with you. Create at the nexus between the perceived and the perceiver.

Have fun.


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