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Something I would Iike to share

by Jorge James Martin Lacoste in Miscellaneous
is the challenge of my life to be able to hold on, no manifest those principles of living that I hold so dear. My feet are always in the fire. I have been blessed to have a condition known as Parkinson’s.
So what’s the big deal? In life there times that permit one to coast. In fact the apparatus of life here is one of distraction. The entire edifice of life functions as a sort of filter. A filter of desires. We are constantly choosing and in this choosing our life is flittered away.
When one is afflicted the choosing become more intense. The afflicted no longer coast.
There is an old adage to the effect ‘as you think so you become’. It is also said that the absolute strongest force in this universe are thoughts.
That then is the basic framework in which we are all called upon to live.
I embrace my affliction. My life is not so much a battle as it is an attempt to honor understand and emulate that power that created me.
I am now 66 years old. It is crunch time. So my choices now seem more relevant and I choose to be compassionate, merciful and one. I fully understand that I am stumbling upon my way. Failures are stepping stones to success.
For me this is how it should be. For if  life is not guided by some benevolent compassionate power, it should be. I have built  my life upon this and will die doing my best to embrace these principles.

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