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Who gives an enchelada

I have been painting for about four years now. Invariably I am either asked where did I learn or told that I should take some art classes. Now let me be clear about this , for some unknown reason the stuff I paint seems to sell. The simple fact is I don’t know how to… read more

Documentary on Jorge Lacoste

If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It Password:cupcake

WHERE YOU CAN BY MY BOOKS AND CALENDARS     this link should take you right to  where all the aforementioned matters may be acquired.   Thanks   Jorge

A friends perspective

 I have known Jorge Lacoste for almost forty years and consider him one of my dearest friends. We have shared not only the ups and downs of our lives, which all friends do, but our search for Truth and the deeper, even deepest, meaning of life. There have been periods of time when we were… read more

Ventura County Star news story

Communities New painter can’t seem to put down brush By Nicole D’AmoreCorrespondentFriday, July 27, 2007 Courtesy of Nicole D’Amore Jorge Lacoste began painting only 2 1/2 years ago but has already created close to 300 paintings. STORY TOOLS E-mail story Comments Printer friendly Get a TinyURL More from Communities David Goldstein: Ventura County is keeping… read more

Documentary of Jorge Lacoste

 If It’s Broke, Don’t Fix It Password:cupcake

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  Internationally acclaimed local artist undergoes DBS surgery for PD and continues his art. By: Martin de Silva   Local resident, Jorge Lacoste, internationally acclaimed artist,  recently underwent DBS surgery for Parkinsons at UCLA. The surgery was performed by Antonio A. F. De Salles, M.D., Ph.D. , Professor of Neurosurgery Head, Stereotactic Surgery Section , 10945 Le… read more