A bit about the artist, By Sean Pielaet, 4/5/2015

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jorge for over ten years.  I met him at a former employer along with many others.   His charm, personality, and kind demeanor kept everyone in high spririts.   I have witnessed his growth as an artist as he has inspired me in my own endeavors.  He has kept me motivated and inspired me to finish art school.  His creativity is only matched by his generosity.  He never had any problem helping those who needed it, including myself.


Jorge’s good nature and work ethic show in his paintings and sketches.  Few match his focus of detail and perfection.  His subject matter focuses on the human condition.   He will inspire you with moving paintings of women flamenco dancing, horses racing, or waves breaking.  He will relax you with a colorful landscape, a nun praying, or children holding hands.  Each painting has a diverse palette, with an intense value.  His photographic eye always pleases with realistic tones and excellent form.  The balance of each piece is very satisfying.  Jorge does not take his gifts for granted and works for perfection.   Throwing out canvas after canvas and sketch after sketch until his desired goal is reached. Jorge has produced hundreds of high quality finished paintings.  


I look forward to seeing more of Jorge’s artwork in all its forms.  He always follows through no matter what he faces.  Please, do yourself a favor and join Jorge Lacoste in his artistic journey.  His artwork and view of the world has been a milestone in my life.