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by Jorge James Martin Lacoste in Miscellaneous
A recommendation from a truly fine man Chuck Fernandez. 
Jorge Lacoste: A True Friend and Artist
Knowing Jorge personally for over 40 years has been a true gift in my life.  He is one of the most generous people I have ever known.  He gets such enjoyment from helping others and I have seen him give his paintings to people without a second thought just to see their enjoyment in receiving such a meaningful gift.  I know this means a lot to him.  But this is true in all his givings not just art work. He has also given me belief in accomplishing bigger goals than I would normally accept for myself. HIs enthusiasm in all his pursuits of life is contagious and inspiring.  This is demonstrated especially in one of his biggest love’s,
His paintings portray such intelligence, sensitivity, a unique perspective of humanity.  I have seen him work from an early sketching to the final brush stroke as he brings to life an amazing piece of art.  And what is truly amazing is to see the excitement and enjoyment he has while accomplishing this.  His work covers all subjects and has no limits, from portraits to landscapes, from Peruvian natives to deep space nebulas, from children to horses, he uses such warm colors and attention to detail in shadow and highlights.
Jorge has tremendous will power once he decides to do something.  Having Parkinson’s for over 30 years has not stopped him from living a very productive life.  An example is to see him struggling to walk on the golf course and yet able to pull off incredible shots. Jorge has said “I can not not paint” this spirit is what keeps him going when most people with similar health conditions would give up.

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