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My fathers death

by Jorge James Martin Lacoste in Miscellaneous

My fathers death. by Jorge Jm Lacoste on Friday, September 17, 2010 at 2:20am · …   My fathers death to this day lifts my spirits every time I recall it. 
… The final years of my fathers life were spent in a nursing home. This was not a happy time for my family. I think just visiting my father and seeing him there was trying and draining for all of us. I did my best to see him there as often as I could. But frankly I could have done better. I did not like the smell of the place. (Literally) There were times of course that I found things there amusing. Like the time as was squeezing by a wheel chair with an old lady in it, as I bent over trying to get by her she reached up grabbed my tie and had me strangling at her mercy for a few minutes there. 
I was working as a law office administrator a few cities over from the nursing home when my wife called and told me she had just visited my father and he would be dyeing that day day for sure. (she is and was a very experienced nurse and knows what she is talking about). I got the requisite permission and left work. I hurried down the freeway wondering would I be able to live up to the beliefs I was always expounding. 
I was blessed to be at my fathers death bed for his final 14 or so hours. I felt the cold cold feeling in his legs as his spirit started to withdraw. I had advised my father during the last years of his life that he need not worry about his death as he would be protected. (this iis not the time or place to get into the details relative to how I came to know that my father would be protected). 
I really don’t know if my father had ever actual heard me saying that in his final years as his condition was very deteriorated. But every time i would visit him I would say that same thing. 
The final moments of my fathers demise were rapidly approaching his breathing was incredibly laborious and very intermittent. Finally though there was no more breathes to take and he was gone. There was a peace in the room. I got up from my chair and leaned over my dad and silent told him “see dad it was not that bad ” and with some sense of satisfaction went back to my chair and sat down. 
Suddenly my father sat up from his from his death bed he had his arms outstretched as if he were just abotu to recieve an embrace. THe look on his face was indescribable but I will try. His faced beamed with light. He had an astonished look a look as he was remembering and then experiencing a long lost and beautiful friend and this time he was truly gone. The joy and peace in the room was palpable. 
I drove home in the small hours of the morning with a happiness in my heart and a smile my face. I was so pleased that the protection was there for my father. My fathers death experience is one of a handful truly wonderful experiences I have had in this life.

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